Catalogue records may be 'Removed' in Infiniti when Weeding is required, or for any other reason.  Individual copy records may be Removed by changing the status of that copy only to 'Removed', or entire Bibliographic records and ALL holdings may be Removed in one go by Removing the Bibliographic record.  These records are currently Archived and are no longer visible when searching the Opac.  Attached barcodes can only be re-used if the original is altered so the unique qualities are maintained.

Records which have had their status changed to 'Removed' are archived within the database. They can still be found by searching through the Catalogue search box by ISBN or barcode, but not Title.  They will appear after clicking on a small blue link of removed resources on the copy tab of Bibliographic records. eg.

Note: They will not appear in the Opac unless the Status 'Removed' has been made visible in Configure > Library > Statuses > Removed > edit > click 'Searchable in Opac'.

  • Removed records can be re-activated at a later date if required, edited, and barcode replaced.
  • Removed records will be logged in the Returns log as 'Removed' if scanned through Returns.
  • Along with Lost and Missing, Removed records cannot be found from the Opac as their statuses are marked hidden..

Note: Our recommendation is that 'Removed' records should be Bulk Updated to a Site called 'Removed resources' , Section = 'Removed' if you wish to keep them together in a Site/Section that is not visible to users and does not impact reporting on live resources.

  • This can be achieved in several ways:
  • 1.  Use Catalogue > Bulk update > by Searching > choose Site/Section > Status = 'Removed' > Search > click 
  • 2.   Use Catalogue > Bulk update > scan barcodes > click 

Note: Bulk updating from these steps requires the Site/section combination to be identical for all barcodes updated in one screen.

  • 3. Remove ALL copies attached to Bibliographic record:
  •    Open the required Catalogue record > click on Copies tab > click

 For all three methods, then:

  • On the modal screen, set Site = 'Removed resources' , Section = 'Removed' > type YES > and the selected resources will then be located in that site and section.

Note:  Removed barcodes are archived and thus cannot be re-used.  To re-use a barcode, edit the copy first and change the barcode by adding unique character/s to it ( eg. old),  change the status to 'Removed' and Save changes.  The original barcode can now be re-used.

Bibliographic records can also be archived and removed if they no longer have attached copies and have no further use.  A Bib. record can exist in Infiniti with no attached Copies but will never be found in an Opac search, only from the Catalogue screen.

To see how to re-instate a Bibliographic record click here.