An item's record consists of a bibliographic record (sometimes referred to as a bib record) and one or more holdings records (referred to as copies). A holdings record contains the metadata that uniquely describes each copy of the bib record, e.g., media type, price, barcode, and similar data. A bib record must be created before one or more holdings can be attached to it. It is possible to have a bib record in Infiniti without having any attached copies, e.g., you may have an item on order and you are awaiting copies to be delivered. Such records cannot be located in normal OPAC searching but can be located by library managers via the cataloguing facilities.

Note: Copies are never permanently deleted from Infiniti. When you remove copies they are archived along with their barcodes. Barcodes cannot be reused.

Note: Removing copies does not remove their bibliographic record. Bibliographic records are removed in a separate process.

There are several different ways to locate resources you want to remove from your catalogue including:

  • search from cataloguing
  • search from bulk update
  • search from reports
  • gather an ad hoc set of barcodes

Remove An Individual Copy From A Bibliographic Record

Go to: Menu > Cataloging

  1. Locate the bibliographic record for the item using one of the search options available.
  2. Click
  3. Locate the individual record you want to remove.
  4. Remove  the unwanted copy.
  5. Repeat process to remove another copy.

Note: The removed copy will be archived and an information message will display at the bottom of the list.

Remove Individual The Bibliographic Records And All Associated Copies

Go to: Menu > Cataloging

  1. Locate the bibliographic record using one of the search options available.
  2. Optionally delete the ISBN for the bibliographic record. Note: Preserve the ISBN if you would like the option to retrieve this bibliographic record in the future.
  3. Remove the unwanted bibliographic record.

Note: The removed bibliographic record and all copies will be archived. If all copies are removed the bibliographic record will no longer be found in normal OPAC searching.

Remove An Ad Hoc Set Of Copies From Their Bibliographic Records

Go to: Menu > Cataloging > Bulk Update > by Barcode (or Multiple barcodes)

  1. Scan barcodes of copies to be removed.
  2. Choose .
  3. Set Site = Removed resources. Note: Items in multiple sites must be processed site by site.
  4. Set Section = Removed. Note: Items in multiple sections must be processed section by section.
  5. Set Status = Removed.
  6. Confirm you have read the warning message.
  7. Click.

Note:  Best practice is to bulk update all items with Removed status to a site and section not used for everyday library storage.

Reinstate A Removed Copy

Go to: Menu > Cataloging > locate the item by ISBN or Title

  1. Locate the bib record of the removed copy.
  2. Open tab.
  3. Locate the message at the bottom of the list to view removed copies
  4. Edit  the item's Status and set to On shelf.
  5. Click.