At the beginning of each school year you must rollover your students into their new Academic Levels (Year Level), set the new Academic Period, and add the newest Cohort before importing any students or form classes. This process can be run as the last process of the outgoing year, or the first process of the incoming new year.

Note: This process will not update your Form classes. Form classes must be updated after you have completed the rollover and updated Academic Periods, by importing a patron file containing Form classes. Click here to see the Form class update solution after completion of the rollover.

Hints and Tips before you start

  • Cohorts are ordered first by Academic Level and then by Cohort name
  • Check your Cohorts are in the correct order of Lowest to Highest by Academic Level 

Arranging Academic Levels in Correct Order
Go to > System cog > Cohorts  > Academic levels

If your Cohorts are not in Academic Level of Lowest to Highest
  • Use the Drag and drop icons to drag them into descending order
  • Once your Cohorts are in order of Lowest to Highest level by Academic Level you can start the 
  • End of Year/Start of year Rollover

1. Click Cohorts

2. Click the button to start your rollover process. eg.

3. Confirm your Academic Level order then Click  to proceed

4. check the new Academic Period presented is the correct one.  eg. 2021 in Australia, or 2020/2021 in the Northern hemisphere.

5. Click to proceed

6. Check the Confirmation of Rollover details carefully on the screen

7. Click Process button  to continue or Prev  to go back

8. Wait a few moments for the changes to process

The green success message appears in top left hand corner of screen, and when clicked, shows:

9. Click Cohorts >  to add your new incoming cohort for this year, e.g. Prep for Primary or P-12, or Year 7 for higher school

      10. Enter the Name of the incoming Cohort to reflect the year this Class will graduate
      11. Start Date - start date for this new cohort
      12. End Date  - actual end date of the graduating year eg. 2033.  It is important to match the Graduating year in the user import file.
      13. Academic Level - select correct year level
      14. Academic Period - current Academic year eg. 2021
      15. Only used for already Graduated or Left Cohorts
      16. Save the Changes.  eg.

NB: If you need to add a new Academic Level Click the Academic Level tab, click +Add Academic Level to add the new level, then go back to steps 9-16.