Patrons or users can be added to pre-defined library groups and system groups by importing a suitable CSV file.

Note: Patrons can only be imported into pre-defined library groups. Define required library groups before importing.

Import Groups

Much like the ad hoc or non-interactive group import, this interactive process accepts CSV (Comma Separated Value) files that you, or your IT team, have generated from your internal systems. 

Go to: Settings> Users > Import > User Groups

Note: A sample of the CSV file format is provided in the Show Examples space.

  1. Please upload a CSV file by clicking
  2. Choose the Import process:
    1. Add - add users to a group while maintaining the groups and memberships already defined. Note: This process populates all groups for all patrons in the CSV file.
    2. .
    3. Replace - Patrons In File - delete all patrons in the CSV file from existing groups, and then add them to the groups as defined in the CSV file. Note: This process removes patrons from existing groups.
    4. .

Note: Use a replace option when you are replacing or updating existing Infiniti groups with patrons from your student administration system. 

Note: If mistakes are made repeat these steps with fresh data to correct.