Academic level and Cohort are linked together in the Cohort setup. Academic level is the year level or equivalent for your school. Cohort is based on the year of graduation from your school. Students usually remain in the same Cohort while attending your school. Cohort and associated Academic level are linked as shown below in the Cohorts. These linkings may be quite different from one school to another depending on the courses and year levels offered.

Add an Academic Level

Go to: Settings> Cohorts > Academic Levels  

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    1. Provide a suitable Name for the academic level.
    2. Set Max Reservations for this academic level where 0 means no reservations allowed. Note: This value will override the library default reservations and if no value is set the library default will apply.
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Add A New Cohort

Go to: Settings> Cohorts > Cohorts  

  1. Provide a suitable Name for the cohort. Note: This is usually the year this group of students will graduate, e.g., Class of 2030.
  2. Start Date for this Academic Year level.
  3. End Date for this Academic Year level. Note: This is important as user import checks for this date.
  4. Select the Academic Year from the drop down list.
  5. Select the current Academic Period, e.g., 2017, 2017/2018.
  6. SetCohort Ignored When Importing Users to ensure user profiles can not be accidentally imported, e.g., graduated cohort.
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