Patron profiles can be edited in Infiniti either manually one by one, imported manually by reading a suitable CSV import file or uploaded automatically by publishing a suitable CSV file.

Manually Edit a Patron

All patrons require a basic profile to be registered. Patrons can also be registered or updated vimanual import or automatic import. After establishing patrons you can record patron contacts. Clickto click the patron's loan record.

Edit An Existing Patron Profile Manually

Go to: Settings > Users

  1. Search for the patron to edit and click their {name}.
  2. Alternatively, filter patron user list by:
    1. Status:
      1. All - show all patrons
      2. Active - show active patrons only
      3. Inactive - show active patrons only
    2. Role:
      1. Staff - members of staff
      2. Student - members of academic levels
      3. Generic - special general users for searching only
      4. Other - none of the above roles or other borrowing entities
  3. Edit the fields with required. Note: Fields tagged with * are mandatory.
  4. Clickto generate a new password automatically. Note: This option provides a quick way to assign a password if you have a single sign on environment currently in place. The password is ignored by SSO environments.
  5. Check Enabled to ensure the patron has login access.
  6. If patron's access should be blocked after a specific date, set Until date. Note: If no date is set the patron's access will not be date restricted.
  7. Check Staff Member if appropriate. Note: Checking Staff Member box does not add the patron to the Staff Library Group.
  8. Assign correct Cohort (Class of YYYY) if patron is a student.
  9. If patron is a student, choose Form Class from the drop-down list.
  10. Choose a Library Group as required. Note: Non-student patrons must belong to a Library group to participate in circulation. If not added here, you must add the patron to a library group via access control.
  11. Choose System Groups dropdown to give privileges to patron:
    1. System Administrator - access to all administration functions and all library management functions.
    2. Librarian - access to all library management functions, but not the User menu.
    3. Library Circulation only user - can circulate loans and search OPAC, but cannot override alerts.
    4. Library Users - mandatory for all users to login, search the catalogue and access profile information. Note: All patrons must be in Library Users as a basic privilege; other system group membership is in addition to this basic privilege.
  12. Clickto register patron and save the profile.
  13. Additional contacts for this patron may now be added.

Note: Patrons must have a unique Library Barcode to search/borrow and a unique Admin System Id is required for patron photo.

Student Curriculum Tags

If enabled, students can be tagged with the subjects and classes they are associated with:

  1. to locate available curriculum tags.
  2. Click a tag to select it. Note: Tags are stored hierarchically left to right so that choosing a tag will automatically select all tags to the left of the selected tag.
  3. Addthe selected tags.
  4. .
  5. Repeat steps 1 to 4 as required.