Do some borrowers appear in the Circulation/Issues search box but not open up on the Loans screen?  

The reason for this occurrence is that the User does not have a Library ID entered in their Infiniti User record.

To remedy this, go to Core settings cog    > Users > search for user > click on user to edit


  1. Enter Library barcode (needed for borrowing resources)
  2. Enter Admin Id (photos are attached to the Admin ID if in use)
  3. Note:  Library barcode and Admin ID may be identical
  4. If a student, ensure this student has an Academic Year level attached (Circulation access is by Academic level)
  5. Click Update User button to save changes
  6. Return to Circulation screen (click  INFINITI  logo)
  7. Search for user again
  8. User will open up in Loans screen
  9. If this is a non-student user and a message pop-ups re Loan Limit Reached, check the screen for display of their Group. eg. Staff, Library, parents, etc.
  10. If the user displays no Group, click here to add them to a Library Group (Circulation rights attached to Library Group)