Patrons no longer part of your school community should be permanently purged from Infiniti.

Historical Circulation Statistics

Prior to removing patron records decide if you want to retain circulation data check Retain Deleted Patron Loans is selected in Library System Settings to preserve historical circulation data for statistical analysis is preserved for accurate reporting of resource usage. If you choose not to preserve historical circulation data any statistical circulation reports on resource usage will reflect only current usage and not historical usage.

Deactivate Patrons

Prior to purging patron accounts and their associated activity and loan history each candidate patron must be deactivated. Deactivated patrons cannot login to Infiniti nor can they borrow items through circulation.

  1. Go to:> Users and search for the patron/s to deactivate. Note: Only inactive patrons can be candidates for purge.
  2. {user name} - click to open the user record.
  3. - uncheck Enabled.
  4. - save the change.
  5. Repeat steps 2 to 4 to deactivate the next patron. Note: Patrons can also be deactivated via an interactive patron import or a non-interactive patron import.

Once deactivated, patron records should be purged.

Purge A Patron With No Outstanding Loans

Go to: Settings> Users > User Purge

Note: This is an irreversible and destructive process. You should read all the steps below carefully, proceed with caution, and process small numbers of removals in batches checking results as you progress.

  1. {patron name} - click to review patron's personal details.
  2. Nominate the number of patrons to list per page (20, 50, 100, 200). Note: This number represents the number of patrons listed on the page and the maximum number of purges possible with each  operation.
  3. To tag patrons for purge:
    1. Patrons with outstanding loans cannot be tagged.
    2. - check box in the label row to mark all patrons displayed for purge. Note: The maximum number of purges possible per purge operation will not exceed the number displayed in the selection box.
    3. - check box adjacent to a patron's portrait to mark an individual patron for purge.
  4. - purge checked patrons. Note: Purge patrons one page at a time before moving to the next page.
  5. Confirm purge process. Note: The process may take some time to complete.

Note: Patrons with current loans cannot be checked for purge.
Note: The patron purge process is irreversible. Each purged patron record and all associated patron activity records will be permanently purged. 

Process a Patron With Outstanding Loans

Go to: Settings> Users > User Purge

  1. Locate records of patrons to purge. Note: Only inactive patrons can be candidates for purge.
  2. A Note will display beside the name of patrons with outstanding loans.
  3. Click item/s hyperlink to view outstanding loans.
  4. - mark all items as lost and clear the patron's loan file.
  5. Tag patron for purge.
  6. Patron can now be purged as above.