International Baccalaureate Schools using ManageBac as their learning management system can provide seamless integration between Infiniti and ManageBac. Integration between the two platforms can deliver a number of educational benefits for students and teachers, including better use of teaching and learning resources.

Integration Options

There are two integration options available:

  1. Single Sign On (SSO) - allows students and teachers or patrons to move seamlessly back and forth between Infiniti library catalogue and ManageBac.
  2. API - allows Infiniti to retrieve curriculum tags (see below) from ManageBac.


Patrons (students and teachers) wanting to move back and forth between Infiniti and ManageBac must meet the following criteria:

  1. Each patron must be registered in both systems such that:
    1. Each patron's Infiniti username must match their ManageBac email address, or
    2. Each patron's Infiniti primary email address must match their ManageBac email address
    3. Each patron's Infiniti System Admin ID must match their ManageBac system admin ID if auto profiling is required

Configure Infiniti For SSO With ManageBac

Go to: Settings> Settings > Integration > ManageBac

  1. Switch Authentication via LaunchPad.
  2. If using the API, switch Use ManageBac API
  3. .

Curriculum Tags

Curriculum tags are curriculum attributes drawn from ManageBac and may include all or some of: academic programs, subject groupings, subject names, and subject classes set up within ManageBac. Once imported, curriculum tags can be used to tag specific resources in your catalogue that offer targeted support to any of these curriculum attributes.

You can choose to:

  1. . Note: Imported curriculum tags will be stored in the catalogue authority files.
  2. . Note: Assigned curriculum tags will be stored in each student's profile.

Note: If you choose to import both tag sets Infiniti will create an explicit link between each student and the library resources that are of specific interest and value to them.

Initial User Logon From Infiniti

  1. Logon to Infiniti using normal credentials or SSO.
  2. In the header page click.
  3. Enter your ManageBac email.
  4. Enter your ManageBac password.
  5. Choose Infiniti.

Connect From Infiniti To ManageBac

  1. Logon to Infiniti.
  2. Clickto connect to ManageBac.

Connect From ManageBac To Infiniti

  1. Logon to ManageBac.
  2. Clickto connect to Infiniti.